Yearly Archives: 2010

Unexpected Christmas and Mucky Ducks!

I hope everyone had wonderful Yule and Christmas celebrations and that there were some really pampered Chucks, Ducks and other feathered and furred friends. Thanks to the recent frozen snap I have had some rather unhappy muckers due to frozen

What a month!

The past few weeks have been really hectic. With my folks moving to Wales I have been up and down the motorway helping to pack then helping to move the puddytats on the day of the move. Thankfully their move


Sorry for so long between entries. Things have been a little hectic here and still haven’t calmed down! On a really good note my boys that hatched this year have got a wonderful new home that they are going to

Treat Time

One of the huge benefits of keeping chickens and ducks for me is that I have a lot less waste food each week. A number of my lettuces in the garden had gone a bit past it and with a

Flying Ducks!

On Thursday evening I thought that I had lost one of my little ducks, Pingu. Pingu is a cayuga cross and should be flightless however she had different ideas! I didn’t realise how well she was able to fly until

Silly girl!

Little Dooby has started to “flirt” with Bumble, wiggling her rear end at him at any given opportunity and since she is still a fair bit smaller than him this has today resulted in her getting a poorly leg after


This morning I have grumpy chickens and ducks after confining them to their respective runs so that I can clean up the garden in the first sunny day in a week. The chickens are proving just how good at grumbling

New Recruits & Update on Bee

Bee is now a lot better thankfully. It would seem that a combination of his moult with the worming treatment and my attempts to stop his over attachment made him poorly! The moult and worming depleted him and for that

Rain & Poorly Bee

The rain has been lashing down here and although the veg needed it the rest of the garden was quickly turned into mud around the ponds by the ducks 🙄 All the chickens and ducks do seem happier now the

Sunday Travels

On Sunday I had a lovely day meeting up with old friends and making new ones as well. One of the reasons for the trip was to re-home my little broody Eve who had hatched the ducklings to Joyfull from

Chicken Digging

Another sunny day meant another lovely day in the garden. After having had my flooring redone a few weeks back I had lots of wood offcuts sat around so decided to use them for some veg plots in the garden.

Jet, Sapphire & Buttercup

The ducklings have had a lovely sunny day on the patio splashing about. I thought I’d share a few photos as they are just so big now! Holly & Daisy are already as big as the adult ducks so within

The Sun is Back

After a week of rain and miserableness the sun is finally back 😀 Despite last Thursday having had a massive run clean and disinfect the ducks have been a mucky mess the past few days. I’m planning on making a

Growing like weeds!

The ducklings are already catching up on mum Eve in size. Eve is a silkie x sussex and very small so I knew it wouldn’t take long – but this was quicker that I thought and I just hope she

Another Sunny Day

The weather is wonderful again today. I’m loving it, but the chickens seem a little unimpressed and the ducks are guzzling water quicker than I can top it up! By 9am the two ex-barn girls were screeching at me about

What a lovely day!

It is a lovely day again, the sun is shining and I have another little duckling under Eve when I just checked. This one appears to be an Erin & Bumble baby, but I won’t be certain for quite a


Little Jet 😀 Jet is the first to hatch from the eggs under Eve and is a sired by my lovely drake Bumble (Aylesbury) and Topaz (Cayuga).  Eve doesn’t seem to have noticed she has hatched a duckling and not

Cleaning Out & Preparing to Hatch

Today is the big clean out day. Each week I poop pick the chicken coop and take the top layer out of the duck house and top up the bedding, but once a month I have a major clean out.

Spring Is In The Air!

Firstly, welcome to my new blog. I’ll be talking about all things poultry related, but mainly my own wonderful birds, their daily antics, and hopefully I will be able to pass on some tips and encourage people who are thinking