Growing like weeds!

The ducklings are already catching up on mum Eve in size. Eve is a silkie x sussex and very small so I knew it wouldn’t take long – but this was quicker that I thought and I just hope she keeps them with her another week or two before taking herself back to the main coop. I had my first attempt at vent sexing at 2 days old and thought 1 boy and 2 girls, a second attempt seems to show 2 boys and 1 girl. The boys will be for the table and I have managed to find a local farm that will dispatch and dress them for me. Although I know how to do this myself, I much prefer the thought of letting someone else do this for me as no matter how hard I try I always end up getting a little attached even to the birds for meat.

I have also been a very lucky girl and last Saturday one of the lovely forum members gave me two beautiful little female ducklings – Daisy & Holly. They have very strong personalities and had the boys shaking in their boots for a few days, but now all has settled and they are happily out and about with my other ducks. Of course feeding time is fun since the ducks all want to eat the chick crumb and the ducklings want to eat the layers pellets! The boys in particular gobble down the chick crumb within seconds and Bee has taken to sitting by the empty bowl ignoring the full feeder with layers in the hope I will refill it for him 🙄 😆


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