Monthly Archives: December 2017

Snow Chickens

Should you push for Winter Egg Production?

It's quite easy to keep your hens laying like it's the middle of summer all through the winter - but is it a good idea to push for winter egg production

Chicken Run

Weather Shielding the Chicken Run

We get a lot of wind and rain so I've put some weather shielding on the run. Happy hens still outside but not soaking wet and blown about.

Snow Chickens

Chooks in the Snow

It's the first time our new flock have seen snow and they're not very sure about it. Eventually they bravely left the coop and carefully stepped out.

Chicken Dropping

Can You House Train Chickens?

I get asked a lot of questions and this one, Can you House Train Chickens, may seem simple but the reasons behind the answer are fascinating.