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Hens Eating Lettuce

Outwitting a Chicken – Just!

Deep cleaning after Bob and Avian Flu warning. Feeding greens in winter and outwitting a chicken who was leading me a merry dance

virus H5N6

Avian Flu – Prevention Zone Declared in Wales

All Wales is now an Avian Flu Prevention Zone and home poultry keepers should take the measures described to comply legally and protect their birds.

Bob the Hen

Farewell Bob

In my last post, Bob was recovering well and I was confident she'd be 100% in just a few weeks. Sadly that wasn't to be.

Bob Hen Looking Better

Bob Looking Better!

Bob the hen made a miraculous recovery. From death's door to fairly good health overnight. Still going to treat for worms, coccidiosis and disinfectant the runs

Bob the Hen

Little ‘n’ Large Eggs, Poorly Bob

The difference between a large and small egg. Bob the Hen is very ill and I fear she's not going to make it.