Yearly Archives: 2021

10 Week Old Chicks & Juvenile Moult

The chicks are all ten weeks old now and going through their juvenile moult. We may also have more girls than we thought as all three Spangled Orpingtons appear to be girls!

Favourite Chicks plus Omlet’s “Hentertainment” Bundle Review

Little John is a hen - Gabe is very attached to her fluffy feet! We've had the pleasure of testing out Omlet's "Hentertainment" bundle this past month too.

Outdoor Explorations and Sexing the Chicks

Now 4 weeks old the chicks are growing fast and enjoying the outdoor run during the day. The boys are quickly making themselves known too!

Little Chicks Growing Fast and Feathering Up for Flight

The chicks are thriving and quickly feathering up. Soon they will need a new brooder box and in no time out in the lovely new poultry coop and run.

New Chicken Enclosure and Incubation

We've been busy building new poultry runs, hatching chicks, and getting ready for some newcomers to the flock - 11 little chicks all thriving.