Monthly Archives: May 2011

Predators & Guard Chickens!

Last week we had an unexpected visitor to the garden. No, this time it wasn’t Mr Fox but instead a predator of the two legged variety… At about 5:45 the chickens started making an almighty noise in their underrun and
Alice Walker Author

The Chicken Chronicles by Alice Walker

I’m reading the most amazing book, The Chicken Chronicles by Alice Walker. She is best known for her Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Color Purple which was also made into a wonderful film. This book, The Chicken Chronicles, is not

Helping in the Garden

I finally got round to planting out and sorting one of the deep beds this week. As always digging over is a team sport and on more than one occasion the chickens nearly lost their heads! As well as the

Naughty Drakes

Last year I had a terrible accident when one of my drakes accidentally drowned one of the young females, Doo, during mating. It is an unfortunately common problem especially in the Spring and with younger birds. It would seem that little Doobie

Chickadee Time

Last year I decided no more hatching. Nope. Not going to do it. So I got rid of my pure breed hens and left with the ducks and three ageing ex-barn hens decided at least I would be fairly safe