Chickadee Time

Last year I decided no more hatching. Nope. Not going to do it. So I got rid of my pure breed hens and left with the ducks and three ageing ex-barn hens decided at least I would be fairly safe from broodiness on their part and the urge to have chicks and ducklings running around for me would be gone.

The plan somewhat failed…. At present I have two broody ducks and also fell in love with some chicks at a local breeder so whilst debating what eggs to sit under my two broody ladies I snuck off and got 6 little chicks who are now sat in a make shift brooder in the spare bedroom!

In order to make sure of at least a few pullets I got two sexed day old Cream Legbars as well as getting two Salmon Faverolles and two Buff Orpington day olds. A week on and the wing colouring on the Faverolles is coming through and although hopeful (as always) that they are girlies I think I may have two cocks in the mix.

I already know that any boys I can’t get a home for are destined for the table, so at the moment no names have been given. They are all doing really well and the Legbar girls are already so feathered up they can nearly fly out of the brooder! With the lovely warm weather I’m hoping to take them on a few afternoons out in the garden (in the pen as I’m sure the cats would be very happy otherwise….).

Here are a few pics of the little ladies (and maybe gents)  🙂

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