Yearly Archives: 2015

Never Ending Rain and Wet Chickens

The weather has been so bad Star is now longer white but more a grubby brown and the cats have had to wade through water to get in and out of the house!

Winter Complaints

The coop has redmite meaning a lot of cleaning and treatments going on to get rid of the little red devils.

Winter Go Slow

The girels have stopped laying, just as Gabe decided he will eat eggs again!

Strutting Their Stuff & Winter Nights

It is time to check the coop for drafts, secure the run, and get ready for Winter!

Sunshine & Happy Days

Abandoning cockerels is become more common. When hatching you really need to forward plan how to deal with the 50% of the hatch that won't be joining your egg laying flock.

Harvesting & Home Grown Chooks

A sunny autumn means jobs can be caught up with and a glut of tomatoes makes for very happy chickens.

Fast Forward to Autumn

Autumn is here, the hens are stopping laying, and winter preparations have begun. It feels as though we bypassed Summer completely!

Mites and Regulative Changes for DE

The Diatomaceous Earth and EU BPR (Biocidal Product Regulation) comes into effect on 01st September 2015. With it there will be changes to the description of many DE products with regards to mite control.

Buzzards, Crows, Magpies and Seagulls

The crows swooped down like a scene from The Birds! Scary for us let alone the poor chooks.

Worms and Chicken Poop!

It seems being a poultry keeper is a lot like having a baby or toddler - you spend a lot of time looking at and talking about poop!

Cats, Chooks & Mice

In the battle of chicken v cat the chicken won! Poor Arwen so rarely hunts in ehr old age, but when she did Bolshy decided it was rightfully hers.

The Case of the Vanishing Chicken

Hide & Seek are sadly no longer with us, and we also had a newcomer who vanished as randomly as she arrived!

Spring Chickens & Storing Eggs

At the moment we have a glut of eggs so are busy baking and storing them for the year ahead.

Bob & Bwkarks

Bob and his ladies have arrived! Gabriel is a very happy little boy now he finally has chickens back in the garden.

Back on Track – Back with Poultry

New girls on the way and hopefully a cockerel too to keep them in line!

New Year, No Chickens!

Sadly a stoat got into the coop and we are currently chicken-less. However, Spring will soon be here and we will be incubating and hatching up at the Smallholding.