Spring Chickens & Storing Eggs

The sun has been shining lots this month, and the girls are now all in lay. I love having a mix of egg sizes and colours, hence always having quite a mixed flock in terms of breeds. Star lays lovely big white eggs, the two banty girls (Hide & Seek) both lay off white and relatively small eggs, whilst Bolshy lays large brown eggs. It is great when baking as well as when making fried eggs as a banty egg is just the right size for Gabriel!

Storing & Using Up Eggs

Normally I store eggs on the side in the kitchen. I keep them in a cool place and have never had a problem with them going off. I know a lot of people store their eggs in the fridge. Although it isn’t necessary to store eggs in the fridge, it does mean they will keep for a few more days if you don’t manage to eat through them fast enough. This month I’ve had to store some in the fridge due to the girls sometimes giving me 6 eggs a day from the 4 of them!

Storing eggs in ice cube trays.

Storing eggs in ice cube trays

When we have a glut of eggs I try to store as many as possible so come Winter when the girls stop or slow down in their laying I have some of my own to eat. I freeze a lot of them and do this in a few ways. I have little storage pots that take 3 or 4 eggs in them, I whisk the eggs together and pour into the pots (noting on the lid how many eggs). I also separate eggs and freeze the yolk and white into different ice cube trays and pop the tray inside a freezer safe bag. It means when baking and out of fresh eggs I always have some sat in the freezer and ready portioned meaning no waste.

Another way I store when I have a glut is pickling eggs. We have a recipe on the main pages on Pickling Eggs in case you’d like to try it yourself.

At the moment we are eating a lot of frittatas, quiches, scrambled eggs, and cakes in order to make our way through them. The cake in particular seems to be Gabriel’s favourite way of making sure they don’t go to waste!

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