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My day to day diary

Brown Hen

Farewell Queen Charlie

We lost Queen Charlie Chicken tonight. She had prolapsed badly and didn't respond to treatment. To be honest, it was really a forlorn hope.

Brown Hen

Charlie Hen has Prolapsed

One of the three Charlie Browns has suffered a vent prolapse. This is very serious and we may well lose her if she doesn't respond to treatment.

Croissant Hen

Val says I spoil the hens..

Val says I spoil the hens.. but she's the one who got them croissants for breakfast. Great fun followed when they ate them.

Christmas Stables

Solstice Greetings, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

It's the Winter Solstice, shortest day of the year so time to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year plus a little ramble on eggs.

Hens in Secure Run

Weather, Blood Egg Problem & Business

Bad weather, feeding greens, egg production business, blood spot eggs, sleeping in the nestbox and the joys of a reliable automatic door opener.

Hens Looking Out

Moulting, Cleaning, Winter Preparation

Helping the moulting hens with extra protein explained. Cleaning out the chicken run and preparing for the winter to come.

3 Eggs

You Must be Joking!

One of the hens lays a tiny egg, but which one? Chocky moulting and playing with the autumn leaves falling into the run.

Hens Eating Chickweed

Laying Slowing Down & Care with Feeding

As autumn arrives with the daylength reducing, egg laying slows down. The hens need the right diet to lay well and be healthy, so limit the treats.

Automatic chicken door on the USS Henterprise

Hens in Space! Alien Hens Land!

Some fun pictures of hens on a spaceship in the future and a little bit about the history of hens in space. Plus evidence hens come from another planet.


Ethical Considerations Regarding Rodenticides – Rat Poisons

An email from a reader about an article on the web site raises some ethical points about how we handle controlling vermin like rats.