Poultry Blog - My Chicken Diary

My day to day diary

All Set Up for the Summer & Avian Flu Prep

Our run is all set up for both the Summer Sun and is also ready for any potential Avian Flu Housing Orders this Winter too.

Spring Chickens and House Moves

The sun is shining and we're busy getting the chickens - and home - ready to move again. Some Spring tasks still need carrying out.

Deep Cleans, Happy Hens, plus the Omlet Pole Tree Review

We've deep cleaned the run and added some extra "hentertainment" to keep the girls happy through Avian Flu lockdowns and these wet weather months.

Brown Hen

Last Charlie Passes Away

The last of the original Charlies passed away in her sleep. I went up to the run and she wasn’t there waiting as she usually did.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! A quick blog to update on Avian Flu restrictions plus guidance and to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2022.

Mucky Runs & Mucky Bums PLUS Avian Flu Update

It hasn't stopped raining here for the past week. This means we have mucky runs and grumpy chickens who would like the rain to end now, please.

Chickens and Land Management – Omlet Fencing

We've been testing out the new Omlet Fencing on the Smallholding and getting the chickens to weed the veg plots for us too!

We have a Layer!

We've finally started getting eggs from our youngsters. Buff is giving us little pullet eggs daily and Princess Lay-ah looks like she will join her soon.

Cock-a-doodle-doo! 16 Weeks Old and Reaching Maturity

Well, the time came last weekend with the 3 big Light Sussex boys awakening us at 5am with a rather loud cock-a-doodle-doo. It meant it was time to cull.

10 Week Old Chicks & Juvenile Moult

The chicks are all ten weeks old now and going through their juvenile moult. We may also have more girls than we thought as all three Spangled Orpingtons appear to be girls!