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Favourite Chicks plus Omlet’s “Hentertainment” Bundle Review

Little John is a hen - Gabe is very attached to her fluffy feet! We've had the pleasure of testing out Omlet's "Hentertainment" bundle this past month too.

Outdoor Explorations and Sexing the Chicks

Now 4 weeks old the chicks are growing fast and enjoying the outdoor run during the day. The boys are quickly making themselves known too!

Little Chicks Growing Fast and Feathering Up for Flight

The chicks are thriving and quickly feathering up. Soon they will need a new brooder box and in no time out in the lovely new poultry coop and run.

New Chicken Enclosure and Incubation

We've been busy building new poultry runs, hatching chicks, and getting ready for some newcomers to the flock - 11 little chicks all thriving.


Farewell Charlie Chicken Three

We've lost Charlie Chicken Three. It's all very sad but you have to accept that you'll lose pets and there's nothing you can do about it.

Black Rock Hens on Omlet Cube

Rockettes Settling In, First Egg Arrives!

Black Rock pullets settling in with the Nova Browns and Norfolk Grey hens. First egg arrives from the Black Rocks.

Black Rock Pullet

New Hens – Black Rock Pullets

We've got some new hens. 3 pretty Black Rock pullets who are are settling in although the existing flock are determined to prove who is the boss.

Brown Hen

Farewell Queen Charlie

We lost Queen Charlie Chicken tonight. She had prolapsed badly and didn't respond to treatment. To be honest, it was really a forlorn hope.

Brown Hen

Charlie Hen has Prolapsed

One of the three Charlie Browns has suffered a vent prolapse. This is very serious and we may well lose her if she doesn't respond to treatment.

Croissant Hen

Val says I spoil the hens..

Val says I spoil the hens.. but she's the one who got them croissants for breakfast. Great fun followed when they ate them.