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Snow Chickens

Should you push for Winter Egg Production?

It's quite easy to keep your hens laying like it's the middle of summer all through the winter - but is it a good idea to push for winter egg production

Chicken Run

Weather Shielding the Chicken Run

We get a lot of wind and rain so I've put some weather shielding on the run. Happy hens still outside but not soaking wet and blown about.

Snow Chickens

Chooks in the Snow

It's the first time our new flock have seen snow and they're not very sure about it. Eventually they bravely left the coop and carefully stepped out.

Chicken Dropping

Can You House Train Chickens?

I get asked a lot of questions and this one, Can you House Train Chickens, may seem simple but the reasons behind the answer are fascinating.

Hens in Run

Wet & Windy but Nice Today!

After a day when it poured with rain and the wind blew, the hens were stuck in the safe run for most of the next day. Today they get to play and hunt bugs.

double yolk egg

The Mystery of the Double Yolk Egg Laying Breed of Hens

What breeds of hens lay double yolk eggs? And the answer to this mystery is in this article about double yolk eggs from the special farm shop breed!

Woman Scraping Food Leftovers Into Bin

Feeding Chickens Waste Food & Other Livestock

A discussion by John Harrison about the law on feeding chickens and other livestock waste food. What are they and do they make sense or support business?

roosting bars back in

Bedtime Fun – Cleaning the Eglu Cube

The fun of getting the youngsters to bed, unruly teenagers that they are! The weekend cleaning job is never fun but it's easier with the Eglu.

2 Hens

Muck, Muck, Glorious Muck

Hens do make an awful lot of muck but their droppings aren't so much a problem as a fantastic garden resource if handled properly.

Chicken re-feathering

Bob’s Recovering – Wing Clipping – Eggs

Bob the hen is recovering well, her feathers coming in fast now although she's in moult Wings were clipped on the escapees. Richer, darker yolks on our eggs

3 Nova Brown Hens

2 Surprises from the Hens

We had to go out and when we came back our hens had 2 surprises for us. One that scared me and the other made us happy. Getting more and better eggs, now.

Pest Proof Poultry Feeder and Two Hens

Pest Proof Chicken Feeder and Hens in Lay

The Roamwild pest proof chicken feeder is great for anyone suffering rodents or birds taking the flock's feed. We also now have two layers in the new flock.

Fox Proof Chicken Run

Fox Proof Chicken Run

Our new fox proof chicken run and poultry area. Why we've built it to such high standards and how we've made it absolutely fox-proof.

Eglu Cube

Why We Chose the Eglu Cube

We thought long and hard about what coop to get for the new poultry and settled on the Eglu Cube. Here's why we chose the Eglu Cube over cheaper coops.

Small childing hand feeding a nova brown hen

Poultry Auction and New Hens

With the new coop and run set up we went to the local poultry auction in the hope of starting a new flock of hens at the smallholding.

Is There Still an Avian Flu Outbreak?

I've been asked whether or not there is still an Avian Flu Outbreak in the UK and whether or not the DEFRA restrictions remain in place for poultry keepers.

Chicken Feed - Layers Pellets

Poultry Feed Prices, Making Your Own Poultry Feed, and Best Egg Layers

Poultry feed prices have been creeping up and many readers have asked about making their own. We've a number of articles that can help with making feed.

Farmer with cows

Ducks in the Road and Eggs

With lots of poultry now free to roam again we keep finding two little ducks in the road who escape daily from our neighbour's paddock. Cheeky Ducks!

Wigeon Ducks

New Poultry Restrictions – Avian Flu March 2017

The risk of avian flu is still high in the UK and new restrictions are now in place. You need to use the new map to check if you are high or low risk.

Poultry Area

Preparing the New Poultry Plot

Preparing the land to sow poultry pasture to supplement their feed and provide taste and interest for the hens when they come