Bedtime Fun – Cleaning the Eglu Cube

Bedtime Fun

The ladies like to head back into the secure run about an hour before dark and the two Norfolks are settling down in the Eglu as dusk deepens. The Charlies (Nova Browns) though are like a gang of teenagers hanging around a street corner. Lots of those clucks that sound just like someone talking, if only you could make the words out.

In the coop, the Norfolks make grumbling sounds and you can imagine them complaining about the noise from downstairs and ‘when are they coming to bed?‘ and ‘will they ever shut up!

By the time it’s pitch black they’re all in bed but if I head up a little too early the chances are one will spot the torchlight and as I walk into the run the browns will all be jumping out of the coop and waiting by the door. Hoping for a tomato or some of that delicious chickweed, no doubt.

Weekend Cleaning

The downside of poultry has to be cleaning. In the wild they’d be roosting up a tree raining down fertiliser to the jungle floor below. In the coop they rain it down into the droppings tray.

As I pointed out in my Eglu Cube review, ease of cleaning was a major factor in our choice. Unlike the video it does take a little longer than 5 minutes but not a lot. I carry the droppings tray over to the compost heap where it will do the most good and then the tray and roosts get spray washed. I haven’t needed to get the power washer out yet.

The inside of the cube is still pristine but the nestbox needed a clean out after Bob decided to start sleeping in it. She doesn’t like being moved out but all she does is grumble. I’ve started shutting it off at bedtime again and opening it in the mornings until they’re definitely  trained not to go in there at night.

Whilst the droppings tray and roosting panel are drying, the inside of the run gets raked to take out the remains of the chickweed and so forth. More goodness for the compost heap. 15 minutes and the job’s done – much, much easier than some of the wooden coops we’ve had.

chicken manure

Another pile of rich manure for the compost bin.

Spraying Down

Spraying Down the droppings tray and roosting bars

All Clean

All Clean and fresh – new shavings in place

roosting bars back in

Roosting bars back in place, job done – just got to put the back on.

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