Monthly Archives: November 2017

Hens in Run

Wet & Windy but Nice Today!

After a day when it poured with rain and the wind blew, the hens were stuck in the safe run for most of the next day. Today they get to play and hunt bugs.

double yolk egg

The Mystery of the Double Yolk Egg Laying Breed of Hens

What breeds of hens lay double yolk eggs? And the answer to this mystery is in this article about double yolk eggs from the special farm shop breed!

Woman Scraping Food Leftovers Into Bin

Feeding Chickens Waste Food & Other Livestock

A discussion by John Harrison about the law on feeding chickens and other livestock waste food. What are they and do they make sense or support business?

roosting bars back in

Bedtime Fun – Cleaning the Eglu Cube

The fun of getting the youngsters to bed, unruly teenagers that they are! The weekend cleaning job is never fun but it's easier with the Eglu.

2 Hens

Muck, Muck, Glorious Muck

Hens do make an awful lot of muck but their droppings aren't so much a problem as a fantastic garden resource if handled properly.