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Seagull - Avian Flu Outbreak

Further Avian Flu Outbreaks

Further cases of avian flu have been confirmed in the UK. It is now urgent to confine your flock to keep on top of this further avian flu outbreak.

Wigeon Ducks

Bird Flu Found in Carmarthenshire – Further Restrictions

A wild duck has been found dead of H5N8 bird flu in Carmarthenshire, Wales. Further restrictions including the suspension of poultry shows put in place.

Bronze Turkey - Avian Flu Outbreak in Turkey Farm

Avian Flu Outbreak – Further Help & Information

Avian Flu has as of 16th December 2016 reached the UK. Those who keep poultry must make sure they put in place bio-security measures now.

Seagull - Avian Flu Outbreak

European Avian Flu Outbreak & Measures to Protect in UK

Over the last month there has been a serious avian flu outbreak travelling across Europe. The Government Chief Vet has now declared a Prevention Zone.