Yearly Archives: 2014

House Move & Happy Hens

The house move went well and the hens now knock at the window or door for treats!

There’s a Fox in the Hen House!

We had a fox in the hen house! Don't worry though, he doesn't bite...

Broken Coop

Gabriel helped collect the eggs and also had an accident with coop door! Another little job to be added to the list, which is increasingly long with the impending house move...

New Girls & Moving Again!

Spitfire went on a wander, but once we got two new girls to keep Lightning company she soon returned!

Little Assistant

Autumn jobs, worming and lots of toddler cuddles for both the chooks and cats!

Overclocking Hens

Three eggs a day from just the two girls! Over laying may seem great at the time, but it can lead to problems with mineral deficiencies as well as shortening their laying life.

Free Range Hens

We've finally given in and let the girls have the whole of the garden. The cats have yet to notice and Gabe is loving his new playmates.

Caernarfon Agricultural Show 2014

On Saturday we had a lovely afternoon out at the Caernarfon Agricultural Show. The weather was lovely for it and Gabe really enjoyed looking at all the different animals on show.

Contrary Mary Hen

Just as we were ready to get some hatching eggs both girls decided that actually they no longer fancied brooding! Thankfully we hadn't bough the eggs yet or it would have been an emergency incubator purchase, or a very expensive quiche....

Broody Lady

Almost as soon as they are laying one of the girls has decided she would like to be a mummy hen. One of the reasons I wanted bantams for the back garden is their broodiness.

Eggs Galore

Last week we got the excitement of the first egg from the new girls and since then they have been laying thick and fast!

The Great Escape

The two little bantams have found out they can manage a good escape plan when they put their minds to it. Four nights ago there was panic. Went out to lock them up for the night and no chickens to

Mucky Muck Out Time

I must admit that cleaning up after two little bantams is a breeze after having such a large flock before! The ducks used to be the muckiest creatures, absolutely gorgeous to have around the garden and such fun to watch,

Musical Runs

A smaller run with more shelter means happier hens!

Chicken Runs & Promised Sun

The chickadees are happily in their run and new house. Just a shame the promised weather never appeared!

Chickadees have arrived!

Two little bantam wyandotte hens have arrived to give us lots of fresh eggs in the weeks to come.

Welcome Back!

It has been a while since I last blogged. In that time we have had lots of changes as well as a fair few ups and downs along the way.