Little Assistant

Cleaning out the CoopI now always have a little assistant when I go to sort the chooks out. Whether it be helping with feeding or the cleaning he is a willing aide. That said he poured the drinker over himself, ate the pellets and chased the chickens out of the house when they went to lay so I’m not sure how much “help” he is, even if he does love it!

The weather here is lovely again, after a wet and drizzly August we seem to have a lovely summery September instead. This means lots of jobs to get done and preparing for the autumn and colder nights.

Feeding the ChooksWe’ve noticed a small crack in the roof of the coop and for some reason the roof lid will no longer stay shut (hence the rock in the picture holding it in place!). So tomorrow’s jobs will be to mend the crack, reseal the coop and then put a new catch on the roof so the ladies are warm and dry once the colder, wetter weather hits us.

The girls are also in need of worming so I’ve got some ready mixed pellets on the way. There are a few ways of worming chickens and other poultry, but I always opt for flubenvet and find it a lot easier with chickens that eat pellets to opt for the ready laced pellets instead of mixing into my usual feed. If feeding a mash the powder is cheaper and easier to give though. For those who want to follow an organic standard there is the option of Verm-X, but I have had little personal success with it and am happy with using the stronger flubenvet with our (currently very small) flock.

Arwen CuddlesIt isn’t just the chooks who get a lot of attention in the garden. Gabriel loves the fact the cats are getting less nervous of him now – it does help that he no longer crawls after them at high speed with his mouth open ready to bite! Arwen gets an awful lot of attention from him as she is the most tolerant of his cuddling. Although a few treats and he managed to get 4 flocking around him today!



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