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Bantam EggLast week we got the excitement of the first egg from the new girls and since then they have been laying thick and fast! Within a couple of days both were in lay and we are getting two daily at the moment. I was quite surprised as often bantams aren’t the most prolific of layers, but these girls are serving us well. The eggs aren’t huge, but not too much smaller than the lovely blue eggs our old cream legbar Meep-Meep used to lay for us and of course the flavour is amazing. We are lucky that most neighbours here keep poultry so when needed I can get duck eggs and larger chicken eggs 6 for £1 and know they are also really well looked after.


Laying Health Checks

With the girls being in lay now I wanted to make sure they are in good condition inside and out so have given them their first ACV (apple cider vinegar) water treatment for a week as well as a good dusting of DE (diatomaceous earth) both on them and throughout their coop. I also checked them over for any lice and made sure that as well as their layers pellets they have plenty or grit and we also rotated the coop and run onto fresh grass.


Jumping the Run

The fencing we have is fantastic for quick moves and it also means that no area of lawn is getting damaged as we can move them once a month. They love this as they get lots of new areas to scratch about in, find bugs under and dust bathe under new shrubs.

We’ve also managed to halt the evening escapes. Although amusing that they would jump the run and get 10ft high in a tree for the night with barely a split second warning (they would see me coming and mission impossible escape would begin) we have with a few treats managed to convince them it is far safer to sleep in their own cosy hen house. I’m very glad about this not only for fox safety, but also because they would no doubt be laying their eggs all over come morning if still managing the fence hop!


Poultry Auction

I went to my first ever auction a few weeks back and although we weren’t successful in getting any birds I have now got a list of those I want to breed firmly set. Chocolate Pekin bantams, Black Silkies, Silver Laced Wyandottes (large fowl) and Cream Legbars. Now to just put the plans into action by getting the houses built and electric fencing sorted for up at the small holding.

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