Merry Christmas!

It is that time of year again all ready! This year will no doubt be full of wrapping paper and boxes made into toys with Gabriel ignoring the presents themselves. Normally I get something small for the chickens and cats (some meal worms and treat sticks), but has been so hectic they have been forgotten in the rush. I’ll make the girls a yummy mixed seed mash and the cats can no doubt help up by tucking into the turkey instead 😉

Gabe has been really picking up words recently and his favourite at the moment is chicken. A bystander may not realise it is what he is saying though as instead of saying “chicken” he makes the noise the girls to when calling one another! So “bakawk” now means chicken (or any bird) and also gets all the girls running over as they, like the cats, have realised he is good for treats and a fuss. It is wonderful watching him grow up with the animals, he enjoys them so much and they seem to really be getting comfortable with him now he understands when we tell him to be gentle!

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Cheer

The decorations are all up, the presents are wrapped, and Gary has finished college until January so we are all home together. With a log fire burning and my parents coming over for Christmas Day this year I am really looking forward to a lovely family Christmas.


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful 2015.

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