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Chicken Keepers Course – Sheffield 17 September 2011

Lets Talk Chicken is a one day conference being held for those thinking of keeping poultry in their back gardens. Held on 17th September 2011 at Westways Primary School in Crookes, Sheffield the course will cover all aspects of urban

Worms and Parasites

Again, due to many questions with the aid of the forums the following information will help anyone with an internal parasite problem (many thanks to Aunt Sally and all the other forum contributors for this information). Worms in chickens are of two general

Red Mite

I’ve been having a few emails through about people who are suffering from the dreaded redmite so thought I would make a little post about how best to get rid of the horrid little bloodsuckers! This was the advice given

Broody Pingu

As I suspected little Pingu has decided it is time she had some babies of her own. Pingu is a lovely little Muscovy-Cayuga cross with the funniest hiss-quack as a result. Another result of her cross is that she is