Broody Pingu

As I suspected little Pingu has decided it is time she had some babies of her own. Pingu is a lovely little Muscovy-Cayuga cross with the funniest hiss-quack as a result. Another result of her cross is that she is infertile. Although she does lay eggs they will not be viable so the little clutch she had secreted away wont be making any Pingu-Bumble babas.

When we found her little stash she made it very clear that we were not taking away her babies though! Lots of wing flapping, hissing and generally making sure we knew she was boss ensued when we approached her make shift nest in the outdoor straw bale. 

Breaking a Broody Hen or Duck

This year we can’t really have any more ducklings running around so ideally I want to break her broodiness quickly. During the day she is now allowed no access to the duck house. All eggs are collected first thing in the morning and any laid during the day quickly taken away before she can roll them onto her make shift nest in the straw.

It is also useful to chase a broody off their make shift nesting area a few times a day. Make sure they are eating and drinking and that any where they make a nest (whether or not you let them hatch on it) is safe for them to be sat. A broody hen or duck is more likely to stick where they are even if danger approaches so making them safe is of huge importance.

I’m hoping that without any eggs and with no access to the main house she will soon give in. However, if she doesn’t I’ll just have to start looking at building another broody coop for her benefit of course…….


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