Ducks in the Road and Eggs

In our village there are a few people who keep chickens and ducks. Since the poultry restrictions have been lifted they are a lot happier. However two little call ducks seem to have daily escape plans on their minds and we keep finding ducks in the road.

Every day when we pass they flutter out into the road, oblivious to traffic and horns beeping. It has become habit now to slow as we approach and just like the wandering sheep and daft cats who wander the roads they have become a part of the daily journey. It feels as though they wait to hear a car though to do it as regularly, maybe they look forward to the treats to bribe them back in!

Free Range Eggs

I’ve noticed the price of free range eggs in the supermarket hasn’t changed at all in the past 6 months. This is despite their being increased food costs and additional costs as a result of the Avian Flu outbreak. It always makes me worry if the suppliers are getting a fair price for what is becoming somewhat of a loss-leader like bread for the Supermarkets. I really do find Supermarket practices deplorable and although we do use them I try to buy elsewhere when possible and financially viable.

Farmer with cows

Eggs from local farms around here range from £1 to £1.50 a half dozen and will always get my money over supermarket eggs. We also buy lamb locally as we live right in Welsh Lamb heartlands. A local farm has recently set up their own dairy, having had enough of Supermarkets and co-operatives pinching the farmer on price. It is good to know they are getting a fair price for their product, now I’m just working on convincing them that venturing into  licensing for raw milk production would be a good idea too – that would save us a chunk of petrol/delivery money each month and I would always prefer to support local businesses.

Egg and Spinach Curry

We realised we had a dozen eggs in need of eating up and kept hearing off mum how good the Egg Curry Recipe was on the main Allotment Recipe Pages. I have to admit to having been sceptical, but it was really delicious! Worth a go if you have a glut of eggs at the moment and are running out of ways to use them up. If you have a great egg recipe please do pop over and fill in the New Recipe Form and let other poultry lovers suffering from a glut know how you use up those tasty eggs.

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