Rain & Poorly Bee

The rain has been lashing down here and although the veg needed it the rest of the garden was quickly turned into mud around the ponds by the ducks 🙄

All the chickens and ducks do seem happier now the weather has broken and they have cooled down a little. All except Bee that is, as he is been a bit under the weather the past week. To begin with he developed an eye infection which I managed to get cleared up with a saline eye wash as the vet suspected he was just being mucky and not dunking his head in fresh water (even though the pools and buckets get changed each day!). After perking up from the eye infection he now has a bit of a mystery illness as he is fluffed up and, the best way to describe it, a little depressed!

Whenever one of my birds gets ill I give them a good once over – check the vent, under the feathers, feel the crop and examine for any sneezing/bubbling at the beak or other symptoms of infection as well as checking poop for worms or colouration changes. Bee has no physical signs other than the fluffing up so at the moment so I am at a loss as to what is wrong with him, but he is eating drinking and still swimming so hopefully he will perk up and if not then a quick vets visit next week to see if they can shed any light on his behaviour!


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