What a lovely day!

It is a lovely day again, the sun is shining and I have another little duckling under Eve when I just checked. This one appears to be an Erin & Bumble baby, but I won’t be certain for quite a while yet.

With the warm weather comes more work in the garden. The ducks’ ponds have had to be refilled twice a day and the flies have appeared so the redtop catcher has been put up to try to sort them out. I disinfect the ground and coops but it seems that no matter what they appear – and suddenly at that! Last year I had great success with the redtop, although they do take a few weeks to get working. Bee is desperate to get out of the run today, but with the joiners coming in and out of the garden it’s hard enough containing the chickens without letting the ducks get in on the escaping action as well.

I’m having my flooring relaid today so sat outside with the chickens and ducks are some very disgruntled pussy cats – apart from Shia who is ignoring all the banging and drilling so that she can have a nap on the carpets that have been taken up.

The other two eggs under Eve have both pipped so 100% fertility which I was not expecting as all my female ducks are only in their first year of laying and Bumble seems to prefer just the one girl. I’m hoping Eve sits tight while the other two make their way out, but little Jet is already running around the coop like a little lunatic and nearly ran straight into the chickens who were having a good nosy at what I was doing 🙄 The girls have also been trying today to escape into next doors garden, here are a few pics of their attempts to find a good escape point!

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