Little Jet 😀

Jet is the first to hatch from the eggs under Eve and is a sired by my lovely drake Bumble (Aylesbury) and Topaz (Cayuga).  Eve doesn’t seem to have noticed she has hatched a duckling and not a chick and is being a very good mum! I’m trying to make Eve drink a little more as she will no longer leave the coop now the hatch has started and it is very warm today. To help a little I have shaded the coop so it cools down for her and will keep tempting her through the day to drink a little.

Fingers crossed that the other three eggs hatch out soon, although when I just checked only one was pipping. They are only on day 25 today so little Jet is an early starter!

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  1. Hi
    I am in the process of starting our with keeping chickens and
    I have already got the Hen coop and a hen run with chicken wire over and under for the day I purchase 3 or 4 hens, primarily for the egs but also as a pet for my Grandchildren.
    I am looking to purchase a good layer but with a friendly disposition for the children. Can someone advise me what breed of hen fits this description?

  2. Cara says:

    Hi Malcolm,

    If you are looking towards a daily layer then perhaps a hybrid would be the best way forward. The Warren/ISA Brown has a lovely temperament and will lay 6 days a week once in lay for around 2 years, after this production drops quickly, although my 3 still lay an egg a day between them at 4 years old.

    A good pure breed for temperament is the Buff Orpington. They will lay less eggs a week (3-4) but will lay for more years and live longer. They are so docile and great with children.

    Perhaps getting two of each would be a good idea as this will help even out your egg production over time and both breeds will be great with your grandchildren.


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