What a month!

The past few weeks have been really hectic. With my folks moving to Wales I have been up and down the motorway helping to pack then helping to move the puddytats on the day of the move. Thankfully their move went well and my folks and the puddytats are loving all the land a peace and quiet!

Last weekend this years boys and a few girls went to their new home. One of the ladies off the forums offered to take them and while there I spotted an excellent set-up for keeping the run less muddy when you have duck ponds. Instead of emptying the plastic ponds down the side or in the run she was using a small pump to pump it away from the run. For me this will be great as I can pump into the back field where my run backs onto and it should really help keep the mud at bay. I had thought to use a pump if having a big pond dug in, but for some reason had never thought to do it for the small plastic ones so I am very grateful to Hayley for the idea.

I’ve bought some bird netting to cover the run where the chickens keep getting out as for the next few weeks they will all be confined as the grass regrows – sadly I keep explaining that it is for their own good to be confined but they don’t seem to understand 🙄 Once the lawn is back they will be let out over winter only for an hour or so a day instead of total free range as they are used to. I love watching them in the garden pecking around, but it being a mud-bath isn’t good for them or me – especially when I keep falling on my bum and dropping their food everywhere!

Over the coming weeks there will be more videos added to the video section of the blog – so keep your eyes peeled and let me know what you think! Hopefully the oap chooks and naughty muckers will be well behaved for filming……

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