This morning I have grumpy chickens and ducks after confining them to their respective runs so that I can clean up the garden in the first sunny day in a week. The chickens are proving just how good at grumbling they are and the ducks are proving just how daft as they keep running at the gate almost hitting it before remembering they are locked in!

I’m using a dry disinfectant around all their favourite spots, especially around the ducks water pool and the empty veg beds where they spend a lot of their day sleeping and therefore pooping. I’ve tried loads of different disinfectants but always return to Stalosan F as it just seems the most effective for killing off flies and nasties as well as freshening the area – and with a few ducks in a small garden the smell of ammonia by the ponds where the poop builds up can be quite offensive.

As well as cleaning the garden the ducks are in need of a major clean out again, so I’ve decided to treat myself to a shovel for cleaning out as with my little lady spade it seems to take forever to get all the bedding and nesting material out of the house. Now I only have the three ageing chickens they take little over 5 minutes to clean out – if only the rest of it was so easy!

I think that people don’t realise just how much work goes into keeping poultry – the cleaning, health check overs of the birds in an evening, lugging those 25kg bags of food (and knackering your back with it!) – but for me it is worth every minute of it just to see the ex barns digging themselves dustbaths in the borders or the ducks stretched out on a summers day by the pond.

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