Silly girl!

Little Dooby has started to “flirt” with Bumble, wiggling her rear end at him at any given opportunity and since she is still a fair bit smaller than him this has today resulted in her getting a poorly leg after he mated with her. Off to the vets we went where she promptly pooped all over me, the vet and the table, but compared to when Bee went she was very well behaved as she didn’t bite the vet once 😉

It turns out she has some grazing and possibly spraining on her right leg so I’m having to wash the foot with Hibiscrub twice a day and also give her some Metacam for pain and inflammation. Since ducks are mucky pups she will have to spend some time in the bath tub aka ducky hospital ward while she heals up and also because if I leave her out with Bumble she will just start wiggling that bum at him and we’ll be back to square one!! 🙄 😆



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