The Sun is Back

After a week of rain and miserableness the sun is finally back 😀 Despite last Thursday having had a massive run clean and disinfect the ducks have been a mucky mess the past few days. I’m planning on making a few house alterations for them to stop the bedding getting so wet which I imagine must be a bit miserable for them come bedtime. I’m thinking of a wooden “splash” board then a small ramp for them to get up in to the house over the board to solve the problem.

As soon as the sun came out it was into the garden for planting today. I had been given a garden patio planter set which had yet to be built and was happy it only took me ten mins to construct and I have now managed to get the tomato plants and peppers outside. I grow all veg on the patio, away from the greedy chooks and ducks. Last year in five minutes the girls managed to destroy three tomato plants and all my lettuce so I also have to be careful to shut the gate behind me otherwise all is lost!!!

I also planted out some herbs, lettuce, carrots and spring onions and by the time I finished was a bit of a mucky mess. At the moment the cats are investigating the planter and jumping up onto it. I just hope none of them decide to use it as a litter tray which can be a common problem with cats and pots 🙄

The ducklings are huge now and in desperate need of being moved into bigger housing so this evening’s job is to get the small duck house ready to move them into tomorrow. Eve, surrogate mum, decided two days ago to return to the main coop with the other hens – she tried to take the ducklings with her and couldn’t understand why they couldn’t fly into coop with her and in the end just left them looking very confused stood outside at bedtime. Thankfully they were easily shooed back to the broody coop and they don’t seem to be missing mum and are getting more interested in the other ducks. I’m still hoping all three are girls even if vent sexing was inconclusive, fingers crossed……..!!!!

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