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Growing like weeds!

The ducklings are already catching up on mum Eve in size. Eve is a silkie x sussex and very small so I knew it wouldn’t take long – but this was quicker that I thought and I just hope she keeps them with her another week or two before taking herself back to the main coop. I had my first attempt at vent sexing at 2 days old and thought 1 boy and 2 girls, a second attempt seems to show 2 boys and 1 girl. The boys will be for the table and I have managed to find a local farm that will dispatch and dress them for me. Although I know how to do this myself, I much prefer the thought of letting someone else do this for me as no matter how hard I try I always end up getting a little attached even to the birds for meat.

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Another Sunny Day

The weather is wonderful again today. I’m loving it, but the chickens seem a little unimpressed and the ducks are guzzling water quicker than I can top it up! By 9am the two ex-barn girls were screeching at me about the sun whilst hiding under the shade of one of the trees. Treacle (Speckled Sussex) doesn’t seem to mind too much, but she has been spending most of the morning by the drinker keeping her fluid levels up. I have already today topped the ducks’ water up twice!

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What a lovely day!

It is a lovely day again, the sun is shining and I have another little duckling under Eve when I just checked. This one appears to be an Erin & Bumble baby, but I won’t be certain for quite a while yet.

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Little Jet 😀

Jet is the first to hatch from the eggs under Eve and is a sired by my lovely drake Bumble (Aylesbury) and Topaz (Cayuga).  Eve doesn’t seem to have noticed she has hatched a duckling and not a chick and is being a very good mum! I’m trying to make Eve drink a little more as she will no longer leave the coop now the hatch has started and it is very warm today. To help a little I have shaded the coop so it cools down for her and will keep tempting her through the day to drink a little.

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Cleaning Out & Preparing to Hatch

Today is the big clean out day. Each week I poop pick the chicken coop and take the top layer out of the duck house and top up the bedding, but once a month I have a major clean out.

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Spring Is In The Air!

Firstly, welcome to my new blog. I’ll be talking about all things poultry related, but mainly my own wonderful birds, their daily antics, and hopefully I will be able to pass on some tips and encourage people who are thinking of keeping back yard poultry to jump in and do it!

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