Merry Christmas!

A big change from last Christmas this year! Last year due to the freezing spell the water was frozen and Christmas was pretty much put on hold with bottles of water from neighbours being used to fill plastic duck ponds and drinkers for the chooks and muckers. This year we are currently a balmy 10 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

Although the chooks don’t really need a warm mash as it is so warm out there, a little pellet porridge mix always goes down well with them and they deserve a Christmas treat for all the eggs they have given us this year. I tend to mix 50/50 oats and pellets made up with water, a little poultry spice and some raisins (my girls favourite treat at the moment). The ducks really aren’t keen on the warm mash so instead they have their favourites – tomatoes and lettuce. Finely chopped of course as they are far too busy swimming and playing to rip up their own food it would seem!

I hope you and yours (and your chickens/duck keepers) have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


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