Eggs Again!

After a winter with only one duck and chicken laying throughout, and even then only every few days, I was nearly at the point of buying eggs when today I went out and found that two more of last years youngster ducks had started laying and two of the chickens had again started laying after a winter off. I always feel that the chickens and ducks laying marks the end of winter, although they usually don’t start until February I’m hoping the early laying is a sign for a good spring to come (no more snow please!).

Since the freezing weather one of the boys has developed wet feather. I’m fairly sure this is a result of him refusing to bathe in the smaller water tubs and not a problem with his preen gland. I’ve added an extra ration of wheat to their diet as this is often said to help with wet feather by assisting the oil production in the preen gland as well as making sure now the weather has warmed enough for outside pipes that his big pools are full.

I also have been very lucky and this weekend one of the chaps off the forum gave me two new little quail girls to keep Sid & Nancy company. At the moment they are hiding in their new hutch, but as soon as they come out I will upload some pictures as they are very pretty little girls. I’m yet to think of names for them, so any ideas are appreciated!

For anyone else who has had their ducks suffer from wet feather this article is extremely helpful and should hopefully give you some idea of why your ducks have ended the winter a little water logged.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Love reading your news! I have hens, a mixed bunch, here on the Isle of Skye. The family love eating the eggs, and they make great cakes.

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