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Cakes & Cats

With all the eggs I have had recently I had a bit of a baking session. At the moment I am getting at least 5 duck eggs a day and an occasional chicken egg too which is far more than two people can eat! I give neighbours some but have found that a lot of people are reluctant to try duck eggs which is such a shame as they are missing out on a delicious tasty treat.

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Getting Big

The chicks are getting huge now. The three boys have all got very noticeable combs and even tiny little Biscuits (Cream Legbar) is now too big to escape from the garden through holes we didn’t even think to cover up as they were so small! Instead though Biscuits has found her wings….

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Naughty Girls

I’ve been having a bit of a problem with the three ex-barn girls the past few weeks. Their little house has a secure under-run that in the morning they come down into until letting out time. They have food and water in their, shade and a spot to dust bathe and they are let out normally at 9am on weekdays and 10am weekends with the ducks.

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Poor Bee!

It turns out I have a very daft duck indeed. With all the lovely weather the ducks have had two plastic paddling pools, their mini tyre pond and drinker on the go. In order to fit them in the run they have to be lined up by the fence so the ducks still have plenty of space stretch out, relax and rummage through the straw bales. Never did I suspect that Bee would manage to injure himself as a result of the ponds being next to the fence….

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