Poor Bee!

It turns out I have a very daft duck indeed. With all the lovely weather the ducks have had two plastic paddling pools, their mini tyre pond and drinker on the go. In order to fit them in the run they have to be lined up by the fence so the ducks still have plenty of space stretch out, relax and rummage through the straw bales. Never did I suspect that Bee would manage to injure himself as a result of the ponds being next to the fence….

I came down to shouts from the better half that Bee was bleeding from his wing badly. Now, with white plumage both the boys look as though they have partaken in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre whenever they even slightly injure themselves. When Bumble was bitten by the fox I was sure he was far worse than the one puncture wound he actually had and happily on this occasion Bee was more grazed than bloodied.

While bathing in the pond it obviously hadnt registered with him that he was now closer to the fence and he does love to have a good wing flap while bathing. Only problem was this time he thrashed his wing against the fence grazing all the way down it and pulling out a number of feathers.

After a little clean up and a good spray of Purple Spray he was back in the run with the others. Problem is a white duck with a purple wing is an amusing sight to see!

Purple Bee


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