Run Time & Wimpy Boys

I have started putting together my plans for the new chook run and the spoilt madames are still going to have over 4 sqm space each as well as access into the duck run (and ducks into theirs) at times.

We’re going to start building next week but unlike the last run we are opting for the keep them in instead of keeping Mr Fox out option.  Although I am sure there are foxes around with careful lock ups (well before dusk) I am willing to take the risk as it will be very difficult to cover the runs without making a bit of an eyesore for neighbours. Next door is up for sale and I have been very lucky to date with neighbours and the birds so don’t want to start on the wrong footing with whoever buys the house!

We’re also going to be laying a new lawn. Not a big area ( about 30sqm) but enough to sit out on and enjoy looking over the birds next Spring. I’ve never put down a lawn before so hoping to get some help off some more experienced sorts with that job.

The chickens have been very spoilt recently as we are trying to fatten the boys up for the table. The OAPS however seem to get more of the mixed corn that the boys do! I stood watching the boys chest bounce yesterday. For about ten minutes the three of them stood off against one another and bounced away for dominance then little tiny Biscuits (Cream Legbar) ran in and they all ran off terrified of her  😆 Just goes to show what softies cockerels can be!

I’m certain I won’t be seeing any eggs of the two new girls before next spring which is a shame as I am down to one egg a day from the OAPS and only one or two from the ducks now the nights are drawing in. Soon it will be that horrible time of year when I have to consider buying eggs  🙁

I’ve popped up a few pics of the girls and will try to get some pics of the boys chest bouncing next time they do it – and hopefully one of little Biscuits showing them who is boss.

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