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Chicken Digging

Another sunny day meant another lovely day in the garden. After having had my flooring redone a few weeks back I had lots of wood offcuts sat around so decided to use them for some veg plots in the garden. Of course the chickens decided they would lend me a hand and as you can see from the photos they did a wonderful job of turning the soil while scrumming for worms!

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Jet, Sapphire & Buttercup

The ducklings have had a lovely sunny day on the patio splashing about. I thought I’d share a few photos as they are just so big now! Holly & Daisy are already as big as the adult ducks so within a few weeks these three little cuties will also be with the big ducks causing chaos 😀

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The Sun is Back

After a week of rain and miserableness the sun is finally back 😀 Despite last Thursday having had a massive run clean and disinfect the ducks have been a mucky mess the past few days. I’m planning on making a few house alterations for them to stop the bedding getting so wet which I imagine must be a bit miserable for them come bedtime. I’m thinking of a wooden “splash” board then a small ramp for them to get up in to the house over the board to solve the problem.

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