UK Suppliers of Point of Lay Hens by County

Point of Lay Hens
Point of Lay Hens clustered around the feeder. Suggested breeds for first time keepers looking for eggs:

  • Warrens
  • Speckledy
  • Black Rocks

The best way to start keeping hens for eggs at home is to get some point of lay hens. This means that they're just about ready to start laying.

Don't forget that you do not need a cockerel. Hens will happily lay an egg despite it being unfertilised. Many people do not like the idea of fertilised eggs anyway.

We've got 408 point of lay hen suppliers listed.

Just follow the county links below to find nearby suppliers.

NB, if a county isn't listed it's because we don't have any suppliers listed there.

If you come across a breeder not listed, please encourage them to list for free here: Breeder List

Point of Lay Hen
Suppliers in Scotland

POL Hen Suppliers No Listed
Aberdeenshire 2
Angus 2
Argyllshire 2
Ayrshire 1
Berwickshire 1
Buteshire 1
Dumfriesshire 1
East Lothian 1
Fife 3
Inverness-shire 2
Lanarkshire 5
Midlothian 1
Renfrewshire 3
Ross-shire 1
Roxburghshire 2
Stirlingshire 2
West Lothian 1
Wigtownshire 1

Point of Lay Hen Suppliers in Wales

POL Hen Suppliers No Listed
Cardiganshire 6
Carmarthenshire 4
Denbighshire 1
Flintshire 1
Glamorgan 11
Gwynedd 6
Monmouthshire 4
Pembrokeshire 1
Powys 3
Radnorshire 1

Point of Lay Hen Suppliers in N Ireland

POL Hen Suppliers No Listed
Antrim 1
Armagh 2
Down 4
Fermanagh 1
Tyrone 1



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