Breeders & Suppliers of Point of Lay Hens for Sale in Cumbria

We have 13 Point of Lay hen suppliers listed in Cumbria

Hobby Hatchers

A few years ago I bought six mixed laying hens to satisfy a need for good eggs for my love of baking. I never imagined that a few garden hens would grow into such a passion for both me and my family. We have hatched hundreds of eggs since then yet still g

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Solway Poultry

Cuckoo Marans pure bred from very dark brown eggs. White Campbell ducks and eggs available to order. Competitively priced, please call or e-mail for details.

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Cumbria Poultry

All pure bred stock. Mainly bred from show stock.

Hatching eggs, Day olds upto POL. Also stock cockerels available.

Also Guinea Fowl hatching eggs and keets and older.

Any questions just get in touch.

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Chapel Chickens

I am a small-scale breeder of lovely Buff Orpingtons. Large balls of honey fluff, these girls are very friendly and docile, too large to fly very high so great for a garden flock. Can be bullied so take care if mixing your flock. Buff Orpingtons lay a reasonable number of small tinted eggs. They make great mums. We sometimes have POL hens and pullets for sale, also young cockerels. Can deliver locally, otherwise collection only.

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Hatching eggs. Grower. Point Of lay Stock. Cockeral

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Croft Farm Poultry

We Supply:

-Point of Lay Pullets
.Hatching eggs

All top quality birds

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Westnewton Chickens

Chicks, pullets and young cockerels available, other breeds will be available soon. Telephone or send me an email to check availability.

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Lads Lodge Poultry

We are a small family run small holding with a passion for Barred Plymouth Rocks. We breed top quality free range show birds. Pullets, Point of Lay, breeding cockerels, day old chicks and hatching eggs available. We can also supply egg laying hybrid hatching eggs. Please contact to discuss availability and requirements.

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Heggies Hens

Please get in touch regarding availability and prices

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Joel Harris

I am a small scale breeder of chickens and ducks. I can supply small numbers of P.O.L pullets and hatching eggs and I'm happy to offer advice.

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Rob Beaty

Chocolate silkies - point of lay £20, chicks-£5, cockerals £35
White silkies - point of lay £12, chicks-£4, cockerels £10
Hybrids - point of lay £10

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Cumbrian Quail

Breeder and supplier of quail of all ages from chicks to laying birds and their eggs.

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John Mawson

Experienced poultry breeder with decades of experience breeding pure and rare breed poultry. Can supply hatching eggs, day old's to point of lays, and breeding stock. Stock always changing so please call to discuss your requirements. Delivery available within the local area upon application.

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