Breeders & Suppliers of Point of Lay Hens for Sale in Shropshire

We have 4 Point of Lay hen suppliers listed in Shropshire

Five Turnings Farm Poultry

We are a family run business located in South Shropshire that home rear all our birds from day old chicks to ensure high health status. They are fully vaccinated at sold from 16 weeks onwards. We are very competitive on price and delivery can also be arranged.

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Shropshire Poultry and Equipment

We are a family run company and we rear all the above. They are all sexed females so no worry about ending up with cockerels or drakes. All the above are lovely egg layers, both the hens and ducks.

You will be very pleased with any birds - both ducks and hens - that you buy from us. We pride ourselves on good quality and good prices. We also rear special meat duck to order.

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Game and Country Birds

I am a veterinary nurse breeding chickens and ducks in my spare time.

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Blakeleys Pure Bred Pekins

Breeds of pekin will be available at the end of this year begining of next. Please contact for information.

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Breeders & Suppliers of POL Hens for Sale Listed in this Region

POL Hens
POL Hens Suppliers No Listed
Herefordshire 9
Shropshire 4
Staffordshire 6
Warwickshire 8
West Midlands 4
Worcestershire 8

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