Breeders & Suppliers of Point of Lay Hens for Sale in Herefordshire

We have 9 Point of Lay hen suppliers listed in Herefordshire

Timothys' Chickens

Small family run hobby breeders rearing quality birds with welfare being paramount.

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We have over 35 different colours of Pekin Bantams in straight and Frizzle feathered - make lovely pets for children and adults alike. Exhibition Silkies in Large & Bantam from some of the best bloodlines in the Uk including Rare Cuckoo also Quality Banta

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JJ Poultry

Keeping Turkeys and Orpingtons is a hobby and it has just gone on from there.

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Hansnett Hens & Houses

We are a small family run business specialising in Pekin Bantams & some large fowl breeds.

We can also supply handmade houses, runs & hatching eggs.

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Gabz Henz

Quality poultry, hatching eggs, growers, point of lay and occasionally adult stock available. My birds are shown regularly (with success!)and are not intensively farmed, they have a strict health routine and are fed the best quality feedstuffs. Please vis

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Little and Large Poultry

We are hobby chicken breeders based in Herefordshire.

We dedicate much of our time and effort into little and large breeds of poultry.

The two main breeds we specialise in are Pekins and Cochins.

In our opinion, these birds are the feathered feet

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Badley Wood Buff Orpingtons

Small breeder specialising in quality birds, breeding for looks and productivity.

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C. Grenow

Small number of guinea fowl- male and female at point of lay.

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Wynnes of Dinmore Countrystore

We are Pygmy & poultry specialist, we have a country store & Tea room where you can see, feed & purchase pygmy goats, miniature pigs, Alpacas, Poultry and more! Including a gift shop and well-stocked supply section for your pet & livestock needs. The quality-proven housing they provide, is manufactured on site by their own carpenters, who can also create bespoke builds to suit every garden and smallholding. Additionally, in amongst their team are two SQP’s (Suitably Qualified Person) who can supply animal medicinal products and advice.

Wynnes have long been successful public suppliers of poultry and livestock, equipment, housing and feed along with advice (based on 25 years of experience) and have built a worthy reputation from this. They pride themselves on strong customer service and feedback and are always available for help and advice.
Open Tues-Saturday 9-4.30

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Breeders & Suppliers of POL Hens for Sale Listed in this Region

POL Hens
POL Hens Suppliers No Listed
Herefordshire 9
Shropshire 10
Staffordshire 8
Warwickshire 9
West Midlands 6
Worcestershire 9

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