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Dovecote Farm

We are based on a smallholding overlooking the Bristol Channel in Gloucestershire, and have a passion for pure breed birds, breeding both Indian Runner ducks, and Buff Orpington Chickens.

The ducks are and fawn Indian Runners - all hand reared here on the farm our fantastic show quality parents.

We have carefully reared all of our birds in small numbers, and they all have such great characters due to the regular handling, so have made great pets for us, and they are all free ranging around the farm.

The parent stock are pure bred from Apricot, so all colourings from that gene group, rather than mixed parentage as you will sometimes find with people that keep mixed flocks.

In addition to this, as the parents are all show quality birds, as you can see the body formation is perfect, and a great example of the breed.

We farm an egg a day from each of our ducks, and they are probably the tastiest golden yolks I have ever had.

These really are a great breed of duck, and unlike call ducks are so much quieter and cleaner - allowing them to be kept as back yard birds with no pond needed - just access to clean drinking water.

The Buff Orpington chickens again are fantastic - they are a very friendly and bombproof variety of bird, giving a large egg per day, and keeping your garden free of pests!

Our birds are available at £35 each, or as a family group Trio for £80 - we also generally have younger birds also available.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call to check availability.

TELEPHONE: 07942 325434

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Poultry Park

Fresh & Hatching eggs through to POL both Traditional breeds & Hybrids with many more breeds to come.

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Fertile Hatching Eggs

We sell Fertile Hatching eggs on our website, these are fresh eggs, no more than 4 days old when posted. They can be collected from our smallholding by arrangement. Phone card payments accepted.

Care sheets supplied for incubation of incubator or broody hen.

We also sell day old chicks hatched from any spare eggs that we have and any birds which we grow on to Point of Lay.

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Hobby breeder

I breed a small number of these birds and can supply chicks, growers and hatching eggs from time to time. Green-legged partridge chickens are the national chicken of Poland

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JC Chickens

POL Hybrids available all year. Other large birds and bantams are available. Please contact us for availability and times.

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Gavin Davidson

I have kept poultry for 10+ years now. I started off with a couple and that has just multiplied over the years to what I have now!!!

Excellent selection of hybrid pullets available throughout the year. Day old pullet chicks in 9 colours. Day old khaki campbell females and day old aylesbury ducklings hatching weekly - ring for availability.

I also have a large selection of pekin bantams in various colours. Pekin pullets for sale from 8weeks of age - ring for availability.

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I am a hobby breeder of pekin bantams and silkies
I have various colours all very pretty and healthy great with children of all ages. Please feel free to contact me for availability.

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Fosters Poultry

We sell all things related to poultry, equipment, housing, disinfectants etc. Advice freely given to anyone starting with birds in the garden and ongoing support.

Day Old chicks now available on a weekly basis, small or large numbers catered for.


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