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We have 23 Point of Lay hen suppliers listed in Devon

Bramble Poultry

Fully vaccinated, Point of lay hybrid lomanns for sale, reared on our small holding in Devon, these hens are excellent egg layers laying around 330 eggs per year on average. £15 each, can deliver within 10 miles of Exeter. Please e-mail to check availability.

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View Farm

We have various breeds of point of lay hens for sale. Our girls are vaccinated, healthy and in good condition. They are priced around £17 each, although sometimes have older girls available (typically around 1 years old), that would be around £4 each.

We are in Mid Devon and could deliver for larger quantities of hens.

Having obtained a Master of Science degree in Companion Animal Behaviour and spent time volunteering for the British Hen Welfare Trust, welfare of our birds is extremely important to us. Any questions, or queries you may have, including how to keep your hens happy and healthy are very welcomed.

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Lucky Clucks Smallholding

Hi! My name is Georgina and I run a smallholding for rescued animals getting them to health pre rehoming, among the rescued animals there is also my own home breeding programs providing anything from eggs for hatching to pol poultry. Contact for further information.

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Leatside Rare Breed Poultry

I have been breeding chickens as a hobby for many years. All my birds are well cared for and free to range in the paddock, obviously they are in individual runs during the breeding season,they are all top quality and excellent examples of their breeds.
I sell hatching eggs, day old chicks, growers and P.O.L Please contact me for availability of stock, if I haven’t immediately got what you require then you are welcome to pre-order. I am always happy to help if I can.

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Deane Valley Poultry

We breed and supply quality chickens.

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Ham Street Hens

We stock 15 varieties of bird including large hybrids and bantams. We offer outstanding birds and a friendly, helpful service. Beginners and more experienced keepers are warmly welcomed.

Advice and after sales support is available both online and over the phone. Over 12 years experience and first rate reviews.

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Combebow poultry

Breeding traditional Poultry and waterfowl For over 35 years. A small family poultry farm, where breeding to type and for healthy birds are our priority.

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The Hen House Farm

We are a small business nestled on the banks of the River Tavy in the Tamar Valley. We Focus on a few things and do them well - selling hatching eggs, POL hens, ducks and geese as well as incubator hire, bespoke familiy visits, open days and work experience opportunities.

We offer hen boarding for those wishing to entrust their birds to people that care and understand about the complexities of hen ownership.

We would love to hear from you whether you are a complete beginner or a fellow breeder looking for new opportunities.

In the coming months we will be adding to our rare breed sheep and goat population - always a winner with our regular visitors. Find us on Facebook or give us a ring 01822 840569. Look forward to your call.

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Hart's Hatching eggs

Fertile hatching eggs, occasional young stock, and hens that make good broodies. Please contact for further information.

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Craythorne Farm

We are a small family run farm and we have an extremely keen interest in poultry. Our hobby has just grown and we now like to offer our knowledge and breeds to likewise poultry enthusiasts.

All our birds are home reared in separate enclosures and we specialise in traditional breeds aswell as hybrids for egg laying. We rear a lot of turkeys for Christmas or just for people to enjoy as pets.

Feel free to ring for advise and come to view our birds.

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Wills Poultry

A range of breeds inc, Sussex (Light and Coronation), Welsummer, Rhode Island Reds, Cream Legbar, along with other Hybrid and Crossbred birds. Usually supply both Large fowl and bantam breeds

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Alan Johnson

Thes are Point of Lay Pullets hatched and reared on our Smallholding. Can deliver locally.

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The Pure Breed Poultry Company

We are a wholesale company specialising in POL hens for resale for the back garden customer. We have been breeding and rearing poultry on a commercial scale for 15 years. All our pullets are Comprehensively Vaccinated and Wormed prior to delivery. See our website to find the areas covered or a reseller near you.

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Tan's Poultry

I have a huge passion for Poultry and as well as keeping Exhibition Stock I also have Pet Quality birds available.
I keep Orpingtons in the following colours: Buff, Black,Blue, Gold Laced, Silver Laced, Jubillee. All Large Fowl.
I keep Marans LF, English Cuckoo, French Copper Black & French Copper Blue all of which are dark egg strain.
I keep Cuckoo Pekin Bantams & White Call Ducks.
Hatching Eggs
Point of Lay

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Taylor Made Poultry

We specialise in breeding quality day old chicks - point of lay chickens for back gardens and small holdings. We bred 45 different breeds varying from Hybrids(Brilliant Layers),Pure Breeds and Rare Breeds - availability may vary.

We now offer the full poultry package - stocking food, bedding, accessories, health products and housing! With plenty of free advice.

We are conveniently situated 2 minutes off the A38 at Ivybridge.


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Tuell Chickens

Outdoor reared on grass with lots of tlc. From day old to POL. Hatching eggs sometimes available. Ring to check on availability or to arrange a visit.

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The Little Hen House

We are a small family run hobby breeders, suppliers of healthy well cared for birds. We specialise in point of lay, young stock and hatching eggs when available. Please telephone to check for stock prior to calling.

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Bellecross Hens

All our birds run free in very large grass pens. The birds we sell are hatched and reared on site from our own breeding groups.
We keep a closed flock (other than very rarely introducing a new cockerel, carefully sourced from a relaible breeder to add to the bloodline).

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Higher Horsebrook Poultry

We are family run poultry breeders selling birds at all ages and hatching eggs at £5 P&P per 6. We often have breeds available that are not on the list.

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Sheri Rice

A small selection of birds and fertile eggs for sale. Please phone to check availability and prices, thank you.

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Devon Poultry

I am a hobby breeder but will do my utmost to help people and provide a variety of poultry services as well as live poultry but please feel free to roam my website

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Tom Laarveld

Hatching eggs, youngstock and P.O.L when available.

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Wheatley Park Flock

Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and advise on availability. We always seem to have orders in hand and are not a large concern so do not have ample ducks, geese, chickens and hatching eggs available. So please contac

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