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We have 21 Point of Lay hen suppliers listed in Kent

Gorgeous Quails

I keep a variety of Coturnix quails. Hatching eggs and birds of different age are available to purchase.
Celadon hatching eggs-£7 a dozen
Mixed feather colour- £5 a dozen
Quail chicks 1d-1wk old-£4 each
3wk females -£6
6wk females -£9

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The Quack Shack

We sell Indian runner ducklings, adults ducks and hatching eggs. Please email to check current stocks. All reared on our smallholding.

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Cameron Hicks

Experienced poultry keeper, always loved keeping chickens and other poultry from a child. Always glad to provide advice and enjoy helping those looking to keep chickens for the first time.

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Hendrick’s Hens

We are a chicken breeder near Canterbury, supplying free range, purebred fertilised eggs up to POL hens and cockerels.
Caring for our chickens is our passion and it’s always rewarding to see how happy our hens are.

Please text or email anytime for more information.

James and Claire

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Court Farm Chickens

We are a family owned business opening in 2019, we are based in the small rural village of Rodmersham just outside of Sittingbourne in Kent and specialise in providing the finest quality and range of poultry for the pet trade in Kent and surounding areas. 

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Our hens are reared together in a family friendly environment. They have been vaccinated and wormed. It’s important to us that our chickens have a good start in life in order to give them a good chance of a healthy adulthood.

We sell our Point of Lay hens as pets at 16 weeks old once they have been weaned onto layer pellets. We offer advice to novices in chicken-keeping and are always happy to give continuing support if needed.

We also have all the basic requirements chickens need, such as new and refurbished Coops, bespoke pens, feed, bedding mixed grit, feeders, drinkers and other sundries. We welcome people to come and look without obligation. We also offer, via popular demand, a chicken and small Pet Boarding service. We board chickens, rabbits, guineapigs, duck and tortoises, plus small cage pets such as hamsters etc.

We have a Facebook page with information and reviews. We are involved in rescue hen work and occasionally have ex-commercial hens available for re-homing.

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Eggcellent Chickens

I have a variety of chickens for sale, chicks are £6 each and laying hens start from £12 (£12 for conning brown and £16 for other varietes) my ducklings are £8 each and ducks are £18 each or two for £30 - I prefer them to go in pairs if you do not already have ducks

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Hens on Oxney

Friendly supplier of quality hybrid hens (including coloured egg layers), Cream Legbars, Copper Marans and Swedish Flower Hens. Day old chicks in season. We are happy to give advice and show people around with no obligation to buy.

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Silkies Kent

I am a hobby breeder of Silkie chickens and have a large selection of colours including chocolate cuckoos and blue splashes all birds are from show quality stock. Visits welcomed

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Chilham Bantams

I breed mainly pure and rare breed bantams and sometimes have adults, chicks and hatching eggs available. Please check to see what is available at the time or enquire to see what may be available in the future.

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Noddy's Pure Breeds

We are a small hobby breeder, based in the quiet village of Tatsfield on the Surrey Kent border, just 10 minutes from junction 5 and 6 of the M25 and 20 minute drive from Bromley and Croydon.

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Court Lodge Farm

My birds have loads of space to roam around open grassland and orchards. They have the best food and great care. I've travelled far and wide to get the best breeding stock and think all my birds are beautiful - not that I'm biased! You'll be able to see the parent birds and I'm happy to help with follow-up advice if you need.

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Churchmans Farm

For over 15 years we have supplied a good selection of hybrid hens all raised at Churchmans Farm, from day olds. All our hens are fully vacinated and wormed. Our website includes detailed information on keeping hens, links to sites such as Videojug and details of our Workshops.

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Sittingbourne Chickens

We are a Lohmann hybrid specialist selling female vaccinated hybrid chicks from 1 day old £5 each or 5 for £20. Also rare breed abacot ranger ducks. We sell all the poultry items to go with it with full setup deals - check out our website.

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Woodlands Chickens Kent

All of our chickens are kept in lovely surrounding on grass.

Visitors are welcome by appointment.

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These are all ethically hand-reared from two days old, vaccinated POL hybrid hens. I do sell Cream Legbars via advanced orders. Because of the way they are reared, these chickens are vibrant and healthy with a friendly disposition, used to human contact, making excellent pets. They will produce around 300 eggs per year. Cream Legbars ( a purebreed) will produce around 180 eggs per year and, unlike the hybrids brown shells, their shells are blue/green. We also sell coops and other poultry supplies.

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Kent Poultry

I am a hobby breeder that breeds these wonderful birds on a small scale.

Large fowl Wyandottes (laced and pencilled) and bantam Silkies (mixed colours) for sale from hatching egg to point of lay.

For more information go to

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Kent Chickens

We are happy to meet with customers at any reasonable time including Saturdays and Sundays. Please call ahead of visit. If you are new to Poultry Husbandry we can offer support with ongoing advice if required.

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Barnview Bantams and Chickens

Breeders of pure breeds of poultry and ducks including pekin and sablepoot bantams,hatching eggs,day old chicks. Now have the Bielfelder rare breed available for sale. Viewing by appointment at Maidstone, enquiries welcome. Suppliers all year round of fully vaccinated point of lay hybrid hens

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M Ingram

Pekin chicks and hens in a variety of colours for sale. All chicks are reared under broody hens in a free range setting. Cockerels are also available.

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Hen House Poultry

Hybrid layers available all year round and the rest are available in season. We also supply hatching eggs, housing and accessories.

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