Breeders & Suppliers of Point of Lay Hens for Sale in Glamorgan

We have 18 Point of Lay hen suppliers listed in Glamorgan

Oakdale Poultry

Please come round and have a look for yourself. Do contact us first.

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Ducks and Chucks 4U

I specialise in Indian Runner ducks, breeding in my cottage garden. I supply fertile eggs for hatching, day old ducklings, off heat ducklings up to point of lay. Various colours, white, black, apricot, trout, lavander and cumberland blues.

I also breed

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Robbies Roosters

Robbies Roosters is a supplier of point of lay pullets within the Vale of Glamorgan. Point of Lay hybrids in stock all year round also laying hens from time to time. Please ring for more details on stock or visit our website.

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We are a small free range rearer of hardy strong coloured laying hens. Small orders welcome. See website for directions, opening times and stock availability. Delivery available.

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North Hills Farm

We supply point of lay Japanese (Coturnix) Quail and Chinese Painted Quail. We also sell fresh quail eggs and fertile quail eggs for hatching. Check out our website for advice on quail keeping and read about the benefit of quail egg consumption on our hea

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Bootyfull Bantams

We keep our chickens as a hobby in our large back garden and our pets, all have names! We have a breeding pen of unrelated buff columbian brahma bantams where we sell their fertile hatching eggs or their off-spring from day old chicks upwards. These birds

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Clydach Poultry

Clydach Poultry!

Breeders and Suppliers of Superior Quality Poultry

Hatching Eggs - Day Old Chicks - Growers - Point Of Lay Hens - Mature Cockerels

Various selection of top quality pure breeds and hybrids.

We prioritise health, welfare, and quality.

We've also got a specialist poultry supplies shop, with everything you need 'to be friends, with your hens!'

Take a look online or give us a call today!

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Welsh Poultry

We have a wide range of sexed poultry for sale, chicks to 18 weeks old. All reared naturally on site, socialised and hardened off.

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Tymawr Farm

All of our point of lay pullets are free range
reared. We have a selection of healthy strong
coloured pullets. small orders welcome. If nobody
is there to take your call please leave a message
as we have no fulltime staff.

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Jones's Feathered Friends

We are a small family run business with a love of poultry. We take pride in all that we do and the quality of all our birds. We have lots of returning customers, we give advice and always willing to help. We are licenced to deliver by trained, certificated drivers. We always have point of lay chickens of various breeds available. We also have ducks, geese and our turkeys are available from beginning of June. If your looking for something in particular, give us a ring and we will try to get it for you. Any info ring Lisa on 07428011610 or Vikki on 07764529744

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Gelli Las Poultry

I have Silkie chicks just been born - all different colours some mixed. Very friendly and broody breed ideal to breed with. Adult chickens can be seen if wanted.
The call ducks I have just have blue fawn, mallard and white at the minute.

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Quails from Wales

Hobbyist breeding all types of quail situated in South Wales . Can post hatching eggs anywhere.

Full details of Poultry Breeder Quails from Wales

Maggie's Poultry

Small family run business, with a passion for poultry and poultry welfare

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The Swedish Flower Chicken (Skånsk Blommehöna)

The Swedish Flower Chicken is a rare landrace breed from Sweden. A landrace is a breed which has been developed largely by natural, local processes in order to adapt to the local environment. It is in this way that it differs from a formal breed, which is bred to conform to a particular standard or purpose. The Swedish Flower Chicken is the largest native Swedish chicken breed.

Swedish Flower Chickens are first mentioned around 1800, however it is likely that the breed may be even older. The demise of the breed was noted in the 1970s, in fact, only 3 known flocks remained. These were found in three separate Swedish villages: Esarp; Tofta and Vomb. It was, thanks to much painstaking work the future of the breed was once again restored. The Swedish Flower Chickens received gene bank status in Sweden in 2001 and are considered a rare breed.

Flower Chickens are perfectly camouflaged for life on the Swedish plains. The standard of these birds is that they are non-standard! There are colour traits however each bird is individually speckled.

Hens weigh 2-2.5kg. Cockerels weigh 2.5 to 3.5kg.

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Glynneath Poultry

Just started breeding chickens, so I only have a limited number of birds each month, but I will be increasing numbers soon and adding more breeds.

If you have any queries or would like to visit, I'd prefer if you phoned first, usually available mid-afternoon/evening, or email at any time.

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Cefn Pennar Poultry

Brahmas large fowl: lemon pyle,darks and gold,
We are hobby breeders aiming for a good standard of brahma, this will be our second year of focusing on the breed with the intention of breeding high quality! We may also have various good egg laying breeds available so feel free to contact me by email.

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South Wales Poultry

We supply day old chicks and older, P.O.L pullets. Please contact for further information.

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Jones's Feathered Friends

Jones's feathered friends is situated in they heart of onllwyn (neath) just off the A465.
We supply point of lay pullets, ducks and geese. Specialize in turkeys from July.
Sometimes I also have spare hatching eggs available.
Certificated driver able to deliver poultry.
Contact for full address.
If I can help you in anyway then I will 😀

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