Combined Portable Poultry House & Run Design

Combination Coop And Run

An Easily-Moved Coop And Run For a Small Flock of Confined Fowls or Chicks.

The combined coop and run shown in the photograph is one of several in successful use on an eastern backyard poultry plant. This house is only about 4 feet square, but is expected to accommodate 12 fowls. While this crowds them to an unusual extent the owner reports good winter egg yields notwithstanding this.

Note: 4 feet square equals 16 square feet which is perfectly adequate for housing a dozen birds with easy access to a run.

As will be seen, canvas is tacked to the north side of the run to cut off the cold winds which come from this quarter, and the house is provided with a hinged, muslin-covered frame on the south side, which affords some light and ventilation when closed, and which can be left open when the weather is mild. In the early summer these houses and runs are use for brood coops, the chicks being transferred to them as soon as they no longer need artificial heat.

The advantage of a house of this sort is that it may readily be transferred, run and all, to new ground. When the pens are located on a good grass sod they can be shifted every few days to a new location, thus providing an abundance of green food without allowing the fowls to remain long enough in any one place to kill out the grass.

For a small flock it is possible to build a house and outdoor run in this way at lower cost, probably, than in any other way. The floor of the house is about 2 ft. above the ground, or on a level with the top of the run.

This provides a sheltered space underneath, from which the fowls reach the upper floor, where perches and nests are located, by means of an incline.

Poultry Houses Fixtures PlansThis article is taken from Poultry Houses and Fixtures, eighth edition, published by Reliable Poultry Journal Publishing Company of Quincy, Illinois in 1919. Price $1.00

It was filled with poultry house plans and layouts for small farms and back yard enterprises, many of which had been produced by universities and the US department of agriculture.

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