Plan For One Man, Ten Acre Poultry Farm

One Man Poultry Farm Plan

One Man 10 Acre Poultry Farm Plan – Designed by Poultry Department, Mass. Agr. College.

A Layout for a One-Man Poultry Farm

In the plan above is shown another layout for a poultry plant. This has been prepared by the Massachusetts Agricultural College, and is intended to meet the requirements of a “one-man, ten-acre poultry farm.”

It is described as follows:


This plan is especially designed for a farm sloping to the south or to the south east. A row of large evergreens to serve as a windbreak is indicated as surrounding the farm, except on the south side, and a row is placed north of the laying house to furnish shade to young stock.


The orchard consists of two and a half acres and is to be cultivated. It is intended to serve regularly as a brooding plot for late-hatched chicks and also as a run for the breeders during at least a part of the year.

The portion labelled ‘breeding department’ is to be used for this purpose early in the season. The farm crops are to be alternated, the rotation being corn and poultry one year, and hay or pasturage the next.

Corn Field

Utilizing the cornfield as a run for growing stock, is an excellent plan, as it furnishes shade and green food and protection, with plenty of loose soil for scratching.

The plot at the rear of the farm between the hay and corn is for the production of succulent food for fall and winter use.

The Barn

The barn recommended for use on this plant is 28 x 36 feet, one and a half stones high, and is intended to accommodate one horse, one cow, a shop, a feed room and room for killing, picking, and packing market fowls, and suitable tools and machinery.

This plant is designed to accommodate 550 layers, four or five breeding pens, and to raise eight hundred to one thousand chicks.

Five hundred and fifty laying hens may appear to be a rather small flock for one man to care for, but taken in connection with the growing of the young stock and the production of the various crops that can be produced on this land, will keep one man decidedly busy practically the year around and, with proper management, will provide a safe, comfortable living.

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Poultry Houses Fixtures PlansThis article is taken from Poultry Houses and Fixtures, eighth edition, published by Reliable Poultry Journal Publishing Company of Quincy, Illinois in 1919. Price $1.00

It was filled with poultry house plans and layouts for small farms and back yard enterprises, many of which had been produced by universities and the US department of agriculture.

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