Locating & Setting Up Poultry Houses

Poultry House Location

Well Located Poultry House with Outdoor Feed Hopper and Water Barrel

It pays to provide neat, attractive poultry houses, located where the fowls will have plenty of shade and where they will be protected from storms. Convenient equipment for supplying feed and water, as shown above, greatly reduces the labour of caring for the fowls. Photo from Purdue University.


In the north every natural feature that will serve the purpose of a windbreak should be utilized to the fullest possible extent. A poultry plant or an individual house sheltered from prevailing cold winds by an elevation or a strip of woodland, as shown in the above photograph, gives the fowls a distinct advantage over others not so protected.

Lacking such natural advantages planting windbreaks of evergreens should be one of the first steps taken toward developing a new poultry plant, particularly in locations that are exposed to high winds.

Southern Facing

As a rule, a southern or south-eastern slope is desirable. This permits the houses to face the sun without being exposed to prevailing winds which, in most sections of this country (The USA), are from the west or south-west.

A southern exposure is not to be regarded as imperative, however, under any and all conditions. Where the prevailing winds are from some other quarter, and in warm climates where summer heat is more to be guarded against than winter cold, it will be much more satisfactory to face the house in some other direction.

Even in the north, an eastern exposure is by no means undesirable, though in this case all openings, yard doors as well as windows, must be suitably protected against the heavy storms that occasionally come from that quarter.

All such considerations as these should, of course, receive attention in the original selection of the land on which the poultry plant is to be located. The position of the buildings themselves is, for the most part, determined by considerations of convenience and of economy in labour and time.

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This article is taken from Poultry Houses and Fixtures, eighth edition, published by Reliable Poultry Journal Publishing Company of Quincy, Illinois in 1919. Price $1.00

It was filled with poultry house plans and layouts for small farms and back yard enterprises, many of which had been produced by universities and the US department of agriculture.

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