Combination Drinker with Legs 12l

Combination Drinker with Legs 12lThis combination drinker with legs has a 12 litre capacity and is suitable for larger flocks of adult chickens. It is a tough, gravity fed drinker that it is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Although it is most suitable as a ground standing drinker, the heavy duty handle doubles up as a hanger if you wish to hang it up. If the run becomes muddy in the Winter hanging the feeder can stop water contamination from the ground below.

The combination drinker is very easy to clean and the legs are push-fit so you can use either with or without legs depending on where you intend to site the drinker.

Please remember that this and other large drinkers are not suitable for use with chicks, only for use with an adult flock.

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A sturdy drinker that is perfect for a larger flock of adult chickens.

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