1 Litre Chick Drinker – 18cm High

1 Litre Chick Drinker - 18cm High Red BaseThis 1 litre chick drinker is great for those with chicks and younger flocks.

The more open drinkers and bowls are a risk for drowning with chicks and the narrow drinking area makes this a far safer option.

You can use a shallow bowl with pebbles or marbles in to allow your chicks access to water without a drowning risk but they’re a pain to keep clean – washing all the marbles. These 1 litre chick drinkers are worth the price just to save your time!

Standing at 18cm high and with a 1 litre capacity it is suitable for game, poultry and waterfowl chicks.

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A durable and easy to clean drinker perfect for chicks.

To view or buy this product visit: 1 Litre Chick Drinker from Omlet

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