1kg Plastic Poultry Feeder

1kg Plastic Poultry Feeder with Handle

The Eton Plastic Poultry Feeder with Handle

This 1kg Plastic Poultry Feeder “Eton” is a robust plastic feeder suitable for a small flock of hens, chicks or quail. Especially ideal for chicks alongside the 1 Litre Chick Drinker.

The removable lid keeps food clean and dry, limits spillages and allows easy access for filling with food and cleaning.

The chick feeder is simple to fill with feed. Just untwist the base, fill the top with feed then replace the base and twist lock into place.

The grid around the base also helps to reduce wastage, keeping the cost of feeding your hens down.

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This feeder comes complete with hanger so can be used either on the ground or hung up, holding 1kg of pellet feed.

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